Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm still here!

I'm working at a local Waldorf school now--about 10-15 hours a week until school gets out. I'm also still doing about 25 hours a week for my Korean Newspaper Talk job, so that leaves little time for much else.

I'm also doing a Super Cool Crafty Swap with Amber Lee Pence, of The Ribbon Jar. I've done this once before with Amber, and had an awesome time!

Things I know Today: 6-1-10
1. I'm really really really tired of the constant rain. This is our punishment for having a dry winter, I think. We usually have mild sunny weather by now, and instead, just more rain. I'm wondering if we moved to Forks , Washington (where the Cullen's supposedly live) and didn't know it.
2. It's okay to advocate for yourself when appropriate.
3. Businesses that have reputation for good customer service will give you good customer service, especially if you ask for it.
4. I really need to stop drinking so much soda. It's like a switched flipped when I turned 40 and now I can't stomach it as well. I think I'm sad about this. I plan to try some uncaffeinated sodas and see if what is irritating me is the caffeine. I'll let you know.
5. I still have a crazy relationship with chocolate. Does anyone else chase their breakfast with a "little somethin'" and have a piece of chocolate after breakfast? Just me? Yeah, I figured it was like that.
6. Being close enough to family to have big family gatherings is a precious gift.
7. High School students can be crazy-talented.
8. Fresh french bread from the store bakery is a special treat.
9. So are fresh cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting.
10. My sister-in-law from Wenatchee makes a fantastic chocolate cake. I need her frosting recipe. She spent about 10 years as the food editor for the Wenatchee paper and it shows. Yummmmm.


Janet said...

I recently came across a recipe for chocolate peanut butter oatmeal. I haven't tried it yet, but if you like oatmeal then you have chocolate with your breakfast! Let me know if you want it, I'll send you the link.

sarah said...

hey, i'm sarah - i'm co-captain of the super crafty swap...just wanted to let you know that i added links to everyone's blogs on the sidebar of my blog. thought we all might like to see what our fellow crafty swappers are up to :)