Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Things I know Today--6-23-10

playing with capes in the yard

1. My sister Susan's birthday is in a week. My sister Janet's birthday was 10 days ago. I'm going to be seeing them this summer, and I hope I can get a gift made for them before I leave. I have a plan that I LOVE and just need to make the time to make it.
2. "Summer's lease hath all too short a date." Shakespeare had this one totally right. (sonnet 18)
3. I have been much too busy in the last couple of months. Busy to the point of insane. Good thing I have a break this weekend!
4. I have too much crafty stuff. It's time to let some projects good. Good thing there was the Super Crafty Swap last week!
5. I am learning to listen to my body better when I am eating. It's like a switch flipped when I turned forty. It's been a learning experience so far. Things that didn't used to bother me now do.
6. I am constantly amazed by the ingenuity of the human mind.
7. Basic Grey (a scrapbooking company) constantly impresses me with their new releases. Such cool stuff!
8. I am loving the Summer Stories so far on Ali Edward's blog and looking forward to the whole series!
9. Taking time to reflect and count blessings is a necessary part of life. At least for me. Especially when I have been so crazy busy.
10. I'm totally in love with my family right now. I am working on really feeling the present moment and appreciating it and it's working.

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Dawaila said...

I love when you said "you are loving your family right now" My kids are growing up(19&12)and just last night we were all in one spot unloading bricks, silly emotional moment for me but that was it I am loving my family right now. Enjoying the little things.