Monday, November 23, 2009

Try a little Tenderness

This Boy.

This boy is six years old.

This boy can be so EXASPERATING!

This boy can make me absolutly CRAZY with his whines and wants and fits. (I see the other mothers of six-year-olds nodding their heads in understanding.)

This boy can also be incredibly tender. Case in point: While crafting for the Bazaar, I inadvertently cut the side of the bottom knuckly of my thumb. Not wanting to bleed on what I was making (people don't really appreciate that), I asked him to get me a bandaid. I turned around to take it from him, and he said, "Here, Mom, let me do that." and proceeded to oh-so-carfully put the bandaid on the cut while pulling the little tabs off to the side so that it stayed sterile, just like I do for him. When he'd finished, he said, "There, that'll do it!" and gave me a little pat. My heart just melted into lovey goo.

Oh, this boy...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Photo Cards

I did something fun for myself and for the Bazaar. I took some set of my pictures to a local printer and had cards made. I boxed them all up this morning in clear boxes and they look great! It's hard not to feel a small thrill of pride in myself. If they don't sell, I know my Mom will like them!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Been Shooting (and Christmas Bazaar)

Pictures that is! I have done 5 senior picture photoshoots so far this year, with 3 of them last week! You can see them at My Photostream on Flickr. All but one or two shots are SOOC or "straight out of camera," meaning no post-processing involved. I have one more shoot to do before time runs out for these seniors, but it's been rainy and she's been sick.

In crafty news, I'm in charge of our local school bazaar this year. I've been a vendor the last four years, so it's interesting being on the other side of things. I'll have some pictures later of what I'm's fun! Hopefully I'll inspire some of your Christmas crafts! My main goal is to make all of my stuff without buying anything! (okay, I'll confess, I bought some clear boxes for my Krafty Card sets...but so far, that's all!) I used the green, orange, and bright blue cards to make sets of six. Love those Tim Holtz Stamps!
My head is also full of ideas for blog posts--look for more as the holidays get closer!