Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So Ready for School To be Done

H. gets ready to walk through the arch at the 5th Grade Promotion ceremony.

I've been working for the past six weeks at a third job. It's taking a lot of my time, although I really am enjoying it the job. I'm ready for something to leave my plate though. We have a busy summer planned, with road trips, surgery for C. (to fix his wonky eye), and another backyard play with our dear friends. Summers used to seem so long when we were children--now those ten weeks just woosh by. We are also planning to visit Yellowstone again.

I am also working on another list for myself. I enjoyed my 40/40 list so much (and yes, I haven't forgotten my need to do a "sum up") that I want another one to guide my next year. Here's what I have so far:
1. Learn to Juggle
2. See a movie by myself (a carryover from the last year)
3. Go away for the weekend by myself (another carryover)
4. Have a Photo Shoot Friday once a month, where I take pictures for one family. I want to have a book all about family connections when this is over.
5. Continue to make exercise and eating better an important part of my life.
6. Sew More.

I'll leave you with one last picture of my oldest son. He's embarking on the road to middle school. And he was the only one wearing a suit. I was so impressed with him!


Janet said...

Congratulations H! You do have a busy summer planned--I hope the weather is a little nicer for you so that you can really enjoy it. I didn't know C was having surgery. I hope it goes well.

Anonymous said...

Such a handsome guy!