Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Headines Don't Sell Papes--Newsies Sell Papes!

Nelsons in Gray hats. H. is wearing one of the Newsie bags I made
J. was moving...
"We need an earthquake..."
"...or a war" (lamenting the bad headline of the day, and wanting something that would help them sell more "papes")
I forgot which scene this was, but I liked the action. Nelson kids towards the left

getting ready to go on strike and fight back for the Newsies rights
"And the world will know..." (my two kids are in the front in the matching gray hats)

It's a fine life! Carrying the Banner! Yay! We beat 'em!

All in all, it was a terrific way to end the summer. My kids had a lot of fun, learned some, and made some friendships. I hope we are invited back to particpate next year. If not, we'll have to invite ourselves!


Satina said...

It really was a GREAT musical! Your kids did really good in the production I saw, tell them I said so, okay!?

Love you guys!

jill said...

How fun! Definitely a perfect way to end the summer. The newsies bags turned out great :)