Wednesday, September 17, 2008

File under "S" for Stupid

Or, how NOT to blend homemade tomato soup that's been simmering/boiling for awhile. Or that you should really use the lid that came with your blender rather than just covering the top of it with a cream cheese container lid. Or that you shouldn't blend boiling hot soups on high. Thank goodness for first aid training! This would have been worse if I hadn't had any. Thank goodness I only hurt myself, thank goodness my oldest daughter was home to help me and to clean up the mess. Thank goodness it was only a 1st degree burn (well, maybe 1 and a half degrees, if there is such thing).
I'm going to buy an Immersion blender. I don't want to risk doing this again.


Allanna said...

Oh, holy ouch!! I'll bet that hurts like a something-or-other!

Yeah, I'm voting for the imminent purchase of an immersion blender. Stat!

Anonymous said...

As Grandpa Price would say - "Stop doing that - it's not healthy!"

Love you and hope you heal fast.


Anonymous said...

when this happens again, make sure you have some pure essential oil of lavendar to put on it straight away after you have used the cold water trick. Dont worry its not a real "oil" that they tell you not to put oily creams and stuff on burns.


Lainie said...

OWWW, I bet that freakn hurt.