Thursday, September 18, 2008

Are you ready for another Blog class?

I have one up my sleeve....

Remember the Art book I wrote about in this post? That's what we'll be doing!

Gather up 8 coasters (or chipboard cut into 4x4 squares) 8 pieces of patterned paper (just a bit smaller than your coasters) some Distress Inks, some Paint, a black journaling pen (preferably an 08 nib size) glitter, Diamond Glaze, a craft mat, a rubber brayer, and some adhesive. And some letter stamps with black ink.

More details (and a pdf) coming soon!


jill said...

We're going to dinner tonite so I'm sure I can find 8 coasters.

Waiting for the details :)

Jo xoxo said...

Thanks Di.. I enjoyed your last project but wasn't able to do it at the time so I'll be joining you in this book this time. Got heaps of coasters & a stack of things I want to use up so I am raring to go.

Satina said...

I'm going to give this one a try...just need to gather my things!