Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Let's Talk about Love!

Staying in Love takes work. It just does. Ask anyone in a long-term relationship and they'll agree. It's not all sunshine and roses, nor is it a bodice-ripping romance all the time (some of the time maybe, but not all the time! *wink-wink*). In June, I'll have been married for 15 and a half years. My parents will celebrate their 39th wedding anniversary, and Joel's parents will be married for 51 and a half years. I think they'll all agree that staying in love takes work.

One of my favorite songs about staying in love is by Kathy Mattea. Go follow the link, watch the video and come back. (and if someone could tell me how to put the video directly in my blog, I'd love the help. I've tried to follow YouTube's directions and came up with nothing). Now my DH and I don't dance on our porch surrounded by gauzy curtains (in fact, one of the things my hubby made quite clear as we dated was that dancing just wasn't his "thing" and that's okay), but we do try to continue to date each other. Sometimes we just sneak away for an hour--Starbucks for cocoa and a rice krispie treat, browsing at Borders,--basically some time just for us. We do things that remind us how much we need romance. It's something we need on a regular basis. Chances are you do to.

Go find something that keeps those home fires burning for you and your sweetie. You'll be glad you did.


Satina said...

I love this post! It is true and Nathan and I also love to date and keep romance a part of our lives. Even with almost 11 years of marriage and three (almost 4 kids) there is still so much to do and discover together! Sometimes the best dates are the ones at home after the kids are in bed! It is true that we cannot wait until our oldest can babysit his siblings so we can steal away for romantic walks or quick dates whenever. Oh the dream!!!

PS- Love the new photo at the top too! I liked the bubbles though, that was sweet.

Donna W said...

Wow what a beautiful video (kathy mattea). I think it's wonderful that you still 'date' your husband. My hubby and I have 3 college-age kids now but from the time they were small we had date night almost every week. Things still get tough and it does take work to keep the marriage alive.Remember that after the kids are grown you will still have each other so you need to keep that relationship going forward. IMHO the key is communication. Tomorrow we will be celebrating 25 years of wedded..."bliss?"
Donna W