Tuesday, May 6, 2008

ALBM--The Home Stretch!

Our last two page spreads need a few things. First, cut out the title and ink the edges as usual. On the "Dear Me" spread, you'll need a picture of yourself in high school. This goes on the left hand side of the page. Any picture of you in your older teen years will do. On the left side, you'll put a letter to yourself. Whatever you wish you'd known when you were acutally IN high school (where we think we know everything, but it isn't until much later when we realize that we don't). Be thorough. I'd encourage you to use your own handwriting for this one. If you have a lot to say, put the pages of your letter in an envelope and attach it to the page instead of the actual letter.
The last section ("Next!"), you are making a list of things to do before you're dead. The sky's the limit! Do you want to travel? Learn a new skill? Run on the beach in a bikini? (that was on a friend of mine's list--not on mine. But I admired her spunk and she inspired the idea of this list, so I put it in). This list can be fluid, but do give it some thought.
That's it! You're done! I hope you've enjoyed this little project. Would you like to do more? Please leave a comment, and link us to your project. I'd love to see it. Would you do anything different as to posting it on the blog? (I know it was a lot of posts, but it is a whole book!) Did you need more pictures? More step-by-step instructions? Was there too much instruction? I really want this to be something successful for you, and I'd love to do more tutorials in the future. I will have a pdf of the entire project available for download at some point.
Thanks for playing along!

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jill said...

I've been following your ALBM project and now I wish I would have made the time to participate.
It would be fu to see how some of the albums turned out.

Any plans for another project?