Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Banner Picture

I've had some comments about the picture in my banner. That was taken monday at the Gilbert House (really, A.C. Gilbert's Discovery Village) in their Bubble Room. I did some post-processing with Picnik (truly a fun, fun, place) as my Photoshop CS2 is being a little fritzy (well, my entire laptop is being a little fritzy, but that's another post). The main focus of the photo is my oldest child and only daughter J; in the bottom left corner (somewhat obscured by the darkened edges) is my oldest son (and middle child) H.

The 2peas blogger challenge for Friday was "do you take special spring pictures every year?" My answer: yes. Sometime during the month of April, I do a self-portrait photoshoot. That pic in my profile? My favorite shot from last years. I also make my kids get a portrait. We even call it Portrait Day. This April, I'm going to do a "Photo-A-Day-Challenge" for myself, and post a photo from my life on the blog each day. This is a huge committment for me. I hope you enjoy it.

Go have fun. Blow some bubbles for me. Make the most of your Spring!


jill said...

I also do a photo shoot in April. I have to bribe ds but in the end he likes the photos :)

Ready for spring!!

toners said...

Love the photo!! So pretty!

Laura S. said...

cool photo!!