Monday, March 31, 2008

"ALBM"--part 2

"A Little Bit Me" will now be abbreviated "ALBM" just for ease and convenience...

Let's talk about pictures. There aren't a LOT of pictures in this book, but you WILL need a few. Here's a list so you can gather them up and put them with the rest of your supplies. The book is only 6x8 or so; keep the pictures small (like wallet-size or 3.5x5) if you can.
  1. A picture of yourself for your biography page. This can be you at ANY age. If you don't have one, take one! If you don't feel like you can do it yourself, have someone significant in your life take one. Try outside or in front of a window for nice light. When I take my self-portraits every year, I take about 100 pictures to get one that I really like. It's totally worth it to get one you like, and with most pictures today being digital, there's no "wasting" of film. You have no excuses. Get a picture of yourself. You'll be glad you did
  2. A few pictures of some of the significant places you have lived. Get things that mean something to you.
  3. Some pictures of your Very, Very, Very Important People. At least one picture of the most important person(s).
  4. A picture of one of your modes of transportation, if possible. If you don't have it, don't stress about it.
  5. One small picture that goes with your "Five Little Words" self-definition. For instance, one of my words was "mother" so I put a picture of my kids there.
  6. A picture of yourself in High School. Hopefully you have one somewhere. If not, don't stress too much.
  7. A picture that represents something you have on your "Things to do before you Die" list.

That's all for now! I'm working out how to put a pdf of the chapter headings here for you to download. I'm also working on a pdf handout of how to put the book together. I'm excited to see so many playing along! Please, if you have any questions, just leave a comment and I'll answer them here.

I also realized that TOMORROW is the start of my 30/30 photo challenge! What fun we're going to have here! I love the month of April!


Lida said...

You have no idea how excited I am with this project, as soon as I get home I´ll start searching for my stuff! Thanks for putting it together!

Elaine said...

This is a wonderful project. Thank you so much for sharing this with Scrapper's Challenge. Looking forward to diving right in!