Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year--Goals for 2011

trying for a family pic before church yesterday...H was talking...sigh...

I love New Year's! I love that feeling of a clean slate and a fresh start. I love looking ahead to my year and thinking about what I would like to accomplish. In 2010, my New Year's goals centered around my "40 before 40" list--and that was good. I DID think about what I wanted to do after I turned 40, but the rest of that year was caught up in a maelstrom of busy that left me little time to do much of anything--even blog (as you noticed, from my 4 month absence). This is influencing my goals this year.

Another thing that influences my year is part of Ali Edwards' "One Little World" philosopy. For me, my word is two-fold: my main word is "Balance," because when I get as busy as I was in 2010, I lose my balance. The second part is "Slow," because I need to slow things down. It's become a habit to live my life scheduled not by the day or the week, but by the hour--and that's not healthy or happy. I need to take a step back and slow down; I need to not cram so much into my life.

So "Balance" combined with "Slow" are my first two goals of the year. Other goals include attending roller derby practices a minimum of twice a week, eating more raw snacks (meaning fruits and veggies), clean/organize/overhaul my home--especially my craft area/office (it's a DISASTER!), take more pictures and continue to move towards photography as a side business, learn to juggle (literally--it's something I've always wanted to be able to do) and take more naps. (*smile*)

What are your goals for 2011? What would be your "One Little Word?" 


Piper Lee said...

Great goals, D. :)

My little word is: Release

I'm ready to release many, many things that I've held on to for too long.

I'm going to my very first derby practice tonight!!! AACKKK!! I'm scared and excited. Doing this is my first "release" of the year. Releasing some "fear". :)

Best wishes on your Slow and Balanced year! I know you'll do awesome because you are AWESOME!!

Mom said...

My word would be 'Faith' reminding me that Father is in control.

Love you