Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Derby Progress

My goal with roller derby is simple: Be better every time I put on skates than I was the last time I put on skates.

Oh! I didn't tell you I joined the Roller Derby team highlighted in this video I posted about in August? Well, I did. I'm on the beginner team (Team Skabies--think "skate babies") and for a few months I was really more of a remedial beginner. I've been skating with them since August 11, 2010. My progress is v e r y  s l o w. But that's okay, 'cause I am having a BLAST!

I need a place to record my improvements though. At each practice, I try to find at least 3 things I'm improving on or that I couldn't even do before. I don't want a lot of files or Facebook posts, so I'll just do a quick record here after each practice I attend.

Last night I:
  • started figuring out the toe-stop turn-around (thanks to a tip from skater Smackdapus)
  • managed to average 3 laps a minute in one of our relay challenges--and found I probably could have pushed harder and skated faster (will do that next time)
  • created a baseline of skills in another relay
  • did some pack skating like never before
  • didn't have to sit out and recover as much as earlier practices
  • managed to stay low nearly the entire time while skating.
Thanks! I attend practices a minimum of twice a week (my goal for 2011), so this might get repetitive. Feel free to wait around for my usual blog posts.

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Janet said...

Great job!! You are awesome!