Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mystery Birthday Party Scavenger Hunt!

Warning! LOTS of pictures!
You'll remember that the party started with THIS purple cupcake with a clue inside...that sent the party goers to a park in Downtown Albany. All the clues were in red envelopes, and we used purple helium balloons to help pinpoint the locations.
The Intrepid Birthday Crew! I should mention that it was COLD!!! (about 28 degrees)

Their first clue was this:
Find the location where this picture was taken
Hint: you are closer than you think.
Look for the dumpsters and the broken door

Then this picture was in the envelope: Taken during our Summertime photo shoot mentioned HERE.

Even though C was in the picture too, J directed them to the alley near the park--see the balloon? Their next clue was on the dumpster along with a candy bar
C opens the clue with great concentration
Their next clue was:

Your next clue isn't one store, but many stores all in one place
Old things reign supreme!
If you aren't sure where you are going, head west through the alley and turn left.
Open Envelope A for more instructions.

They then went through the alley, turned left, and found themselves at the:

Envelope A's instructions were:
"Pretend Shop" for J and choose something from the store that is her favorite color.
Show it to her, and tell her why you chose it. If it's not her favorite color, it doesn't count!
(and you'll have to "shop" again)
Remember where you got it because you'll have to put it back!
You must finish by 1:40 pm
Open Envelope B when you are done "shopping"

D. chose a purple vase for pretty flowers

J. chose some pretty flowers

and C chose a purple glass slipper

The next clue was this:
Exit the store and turn East.
Find the girl with the purple balloon.
She'll be near the white-flowered tree.
Solve for X and tell her the number to get the next clue
No clue unless you can tell her what the number means and why it is important to J.
Hint: it has to do with the Italian words "'et" (meaning little) and "clarino" (a type of trumpet)
Originally, we were going to do the party on a Saturday, when Magnolia's music store was opened, so that they could purchase a #3 reed for J's clarinet. But we moved the party to Monday, and the store was closed. Luckily a good friend of ours was willing to step up and meet them on the street to give them the next clue (and a reed).

The next clue was:
You'll be SURE to have a good time at your next location.
Don't forget to FIRE up your creativity!
Lilee will have your next clue.

That sent them to Surefire Design, a paint-your-own-pottery shop, where I pre-paid for a tile for them to paint in honor of J's birthday. Each of the partygoers took a section and wrote a little note.
planning the tile
C adds a finishing touch

Next clue:
We've got SPEARIT, yes we do!
We've got SPEARIT, how about you!
To find your next location, get a BEAD on 131 Broadalbin
When you get there, open the next envelope
Spearit Beads & Co.

The next envelope said:
One of J's hobbies is making jewelry
Use the $10 included to choose a special bead for J.
Each of you needs to choose a bead.
This will be made into a keepsake bracelet later.
Open Envelope B when you check out.
opening the envelope
J & D bead shopping
The whole crew shopping for beads.
Next clue:
This word means "bunny rabbit" in Korean
But you'll be eating chicken.
See the purple balloon?

We took our food to go (I ordered it when we were at the bead shop) and ate at home. That way we could have CAKE!
Chocolate Caramel Toffee Cake
Whew! That was quite a day! Everyone had fun, and J had memorable birthday! Now what do I do next year?


Lealoo said...

What a fantastic idea!

Allanna said...

You are completely full of WIN!
Go you!!
How did her bracelet turn out??

Anonymous said...

What a great fun party! Sweet sixteen should be something.

Love you sooo much.