Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Favorite Christmas Music

So what are your favorite Holiday music CD's? I am REALLY enjoying compilations--like the Hotel Cafe Wintersongs, and the Starbucks CD's from the past, --but I am especially enjoying a certain mix of old and new:


I bought it on iTunes, and especially loved that it had all of the dialogue and such. Something about Bing Crosby reminds me of my Grandpa Price. His voice is just one big hug, don't you think? I also love the line, "Right or wrong, I sing either way!" (also how I feel), and it's nice to realize that David Bowie has quite a lovely voice. But for me, it goes back to the hug of Bing Crosby's voice. I never get tired of that!

What are your favorites this season? Leave a comment and let me know!


Allanna said...

I LOVE this song!!!
Even if I start to cry when I listen to it. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Some of the other songs I really enjoy are "Carol of the Bells," "Coventry Carol," and "Ding-Dong, Merrily on High." ... Probably because they're never overplayed. ^_^

Alison said...

Santa Baby

Satina said...

What a nice way to start my day. I love this version! I also really love "The Gift" otherwise known as the nightengale song. I also love "Do you hear what I hear". But honestly, they are all good! I just love Christmas!