Friday, June 12, 2009

Free Photoshop Class!

I am s0 taking this class! I've done a class with Jessica Sprague before and it was pretty amazing! She makes sure you have EVERYTHING possible to be successful in the class. I can happily encourage everyone to sign up for it. Make sure you are registered with her site first--after that all you have to do is sign up between June 22 and June 28. It'll be fun! I'll "see" you there!

#24 is still going strong. Well, I will admit that I've grabbed a graham cracker here or a granola bar there, so it's not perfect. But I have felt a big difference in myself this week. I'll blog about what I learned later. It's been interesting, and definitely worth it!


Nicole K/GothamGal said...

I went to the site and signed up. Then I watched her free video tutorial.
I'm definitely going to sign up for the class later this month. Again, thanks for the reminder.

You rock!

Thorsons said...

sure thing!

first I changed my template to one that has "stretch" in the title to give me the extra space.

when posting, upload your pics normally. Then select "edit html" (top right corner of editing sheet-next to compose). look for the code for the picture and delete the part that looks like this: WIDTH: 300px; and also HEIGHT: 400px; (make sure you delete the extra spaces, and keep one ;

then look for this in the code:

delete the 400 and change to 576


as for the sidebar pictures-
I used the html page element instead of the photo element. Then I went and got the html code from a photo that I had already uploaded to a blogger post, copy-paste that into your new page element, find the width and height again, but instead of deleting, I just changed them to 200 wide, 300 tall. You can play with the numbers

clear as mud?

Have fun!