Thursday, March 12, 2009

What fun! Creating Keepsakes Convention and Suessical-Lite

J in her "Bird Girl" makeup. Although I like her expression, I should let you know that she was just very tired, not mad that I was taking pictures...

Last Saturday, I was a Teacher's Aide for the Creating Keepsakes Convention. I had a great time working with Sarah Milne of Scenic Route and Bev (I can't remember her last name, sorry!) the owner of Technique Tuesday. It was great to help them out. Although I learned that standing for over eight hours isn't fun, even if I am wearing my favorite pair of Danskos. Still, it was something I'd never done before, and always wanted to try, so I'm glad to have done it!

Also, if you are in my local area and want a fun date this weekend, come on over and see my daughter in her school's musical. It's a great show! She's on the right side of the picture, in the second row, in the dress with hot pink feathers that looks white even though it's light pink. She plays a "Bird Girl" in the production. The kids did a great job, and have some great singers in the lead parts.

I've been hearing back from you on your Stories for our "No Ordinary Stories" campaign. I LOVE IT! Keep them coming! If you leave a comment and put your story on your blog, I'll be sure to post a link to your story here. Let's take the internet by storm!

Speaking of stories, you really need to read Kelly Corrigan's "The Middle Place." I posted a video a while back of her reading one of her essays. Good stuff people! I couldn't put the book down and was sad when it was over. I originally got it at the library, but you can be sure I'll be buying my own copy soon!


Satina said...

We went to the musical tonight! IT was great! Tell J she was a fabulous bird! Such talent at that school! And it is fun to know half the cast!

PS - I am feeling much better, today was a fantabulous day!

jillconyers said...

How did the musical turn out! Fun makeup!

I've heard good things about The Middle Place. I've added it to my B&N list.