Monday, March 23, 2009

Let me Sum Up

Seussical was very, very good! We saw it twice--I saw a dress rehearsal (where these pics are from--same day that son H walked over from his school to see it) and Joel went by himself with J opening night. They had a very good production, and J had a lot of fun. We are ALL singing songs from Seussical in our heads--for me, it's the "Notice Me Horton!" song Gertrude sings to Hortong. Super-tricky lighting situations though! I didn't even try to take video or more pictures the second time I saw it.

Next for us is Spring Break. I'm hoping to get a family photo shoot in, so I'm bringing the tripod. I still have to work, so I'm keeping my expectations low. That way, we'll all be more relaxed and have more fun.

On the crafty front, I just taught a class about flag books. Did you know the first flag book was created by Hedi Kyle in 1979? This is a book-making form that is used more by book artists and later adapted by papercrafters. So many neat things to be done with this style of book making! If you want to know more, there is a FANTASTIC online pdf of an old Bonefolder magazine with some great step-by-step instructions on how to make them. (Karen Hamner is the featured artist with the great how-tos there). And if you want to see MANY fantastic examples of this art form, check out THIS link. After I take pics of mine, I'll share. Prepping for this class made me want to make more flag books of the "books as art" variety. Go check out those links--you'll like what you see! I hope you are inspired!


jillconyers said...

Wow, great links! So many fun ways to use flag books. TFS

I can't wait to see your flag book :)

Satina said...

Thanks for the links. Thanks for coming to the movies with us yesterday too! That was fun! I liked C's comment, "I want to be Bob because he's gooey!" LOL!

jillconyers said...

Dianne I left a tag for you on my blog :)