Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh what a week!

Last week was one busy, somewhat hellacious week for me. This will will be just as busy, but hopefully without the stress I felt last week. We started out by heading to IKEA after work (so no catch-up morning nap for me) to try to get their half-price dresser for J. That took 5 hours and was capped off by thinking that my 5yo was taken as I checked out and paid for my merchandise. It turned out that he was just on the other side of the check-out area, playing with one of the kid kiosks, but when your register funnels directly out the door, and it's the busiest you've ever seen IKEA (which is usually busy enough as it is!) it's easy to panic.

Then it was just usual family life stuff, feeding the missionaries, driving carpool for the middle school musical, teaching a voice lesson, writing lessons for Newspaper Talk, prepping for my Stampin'Cat classes, but the week was capped off by the Father/Son cake auction at the Blue and Gold Banquet. Joel inadvertently double-booked himself, and also volunteered to go to the Klondike Scout campout to help out as a guest leader. The campout started at 4, and the cake auction/banquet started at 6. Thursday I baked the cake for him, and he stayed up late to decorate it (late being after I go to bed, and since I get up at 4am, it's all relative). That morning, when I saw the cake, I was kind of impressed. It looked pretty good! Then I saw what he colored his frosting with---he used the non-toxic, but non-edible coloring I use for glycerin soap. It tasted terrible! Plus, it was turning a funky gray color. Luckily, it was only on the twix bar cabin and on the top layer of the cake. I was able to scrape and cut it off, and then because Joel was scrambling to get to work and get ready for the snow campout, it was left to me to recreate his vision. Long story short: just enough powdered sugar in the house for one batch of frosting, no green food coloring, rush to the store--no debit card, get that figured out, get home, get C on the bus for kindergarten, finish the cake, head to the event, realize I've forgotten the checkbook, turn around for home, realize the cake is falling over, try to fix it in the car, get it settled (we think)--only to have the entire thing fall apart on the first turn. It ended up being the second-highest cake of the night even still.

We changed the name from "Cabin on the Hill" to "Ambush on the Hill." Notice the dead cowboys...

The Auctioneer had a lot of fun with it...he asked H, "So what was the name of your cake BEFORE your mom drove it here?" and riffed with it. I laughed a lot. Such is life sometimes! You laugh so you won't cry!


Leroy said...

I'm so sorry about your crazy week! I hate things like that, and yet when you're so busy it's a nice distraction from other things. It looks like in the end your cake turned out great! I think it's kind of a fun story and definitely a memory that you won't ever forget! ~Janet

Allanna said...

Hey, I think that it speaks VOLUMES about your creativity and pioneer spirit that you didn't just chuck it across the kitchen (as I would have been SORELY tempted to do, if I had been in your shoes).

I happen to like the dead cowboys. It's kinda like something out of Serenity, no?

Besides, it looks WAY better than my "DREADFUL Pirate Roberts" cake the other year. Oy.
The things that drive us more and more toward headbutting the wall. Repeatedly. :P