Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Have you tried yet?

gratuitous picture of February in Oregon--blue skies and sculptural tree branches. Taken with camera phone.

I am IN LOVE with internet radio through! It's fantastic! You just type in what artists you like, and it creates a radio station based on what you "told" it you like. Fabulous! Right now, I have three stations: Adele radio (based on my new favorite singer Adele--kind of a funky folk/pop sound), Sugarland radio, (sometimes you need a little country!) and one with church music for Sundays. Go check this out! And don't forget to click on the ads there when you do--that was something I learned from Seth Godin--if you like a website that is paid for with ads, click on the ads! I would be completely disappointed if this website folded like my favorite magazines recently did (Wondertime, Domino and Simple Scrapbooks), so I try to click on three or four each time I am listening. Still--it's worth a Go-See!


amberlee said...

I can't believe all those great magazines are gone. I didn't know about simple scrapbooks :( hmm... 45 minutes south must make a big difference, I haven't seen blue sky in days!

jillconyers said...

I'm a Pandora fan! I didn't know that about the ads. Duh!