Friday, October 31, 2008

Things I Know Today

*written as I waited in line at the middle school to pick up J.*

  • I want to write in my Journal more

  • I miss sleeping past 4am

  • I really need to exercise more

  • I like blogging and writing and miss it when I don't do it

  • I like taking pictures

  • I want to find something I can make and sell on etsy unique enough to be mine and something that people will buy that I can make quickly enough to be worth it

  • I'm happy in my marriage

  • I'd like to be a better student of the gospel

  • I can't remember much of my New Year's resolutions/goals

  • I still want to write my novel

  • lately I feel like a lazy person who would rather vege than do much else. Maybe it has somthing to do with not sleeping past 4am

  • we need to prepare better for the future

Just random thoughts that were swimming through my head as I waited that day. I had the urge to write them down so grabbed my journal as I went out the door. For some backstory: I started writing a Young Adult novel last year about this time. I really love this story, and there are times that it consumes me. Yet I am having the trouble making the time to write it out. It's still important to me though, and I'd really like to finish it. The 4am stuff? It's my new job. I've been tutoring Korean children over the phone. They are in Korea, I'm in Oregon. They read assigned newspaper articles and basically I quiz them on it. They give me a summary, we discuss it, we have vocabulary words. 10 minute lessons in all. I've been enjoying working with the students, and find it crazy that when it's 4:30 am my time, it's 8:30 pm the same day in Korea. I work for about four hours, so by the end of my shift, it's after midnight for them. Crazy!

I've been thinking a lot about preparing for the future. Buying one or two food storage items when I go shopping each time. Trying to think of what we can do without. Planning a homemade Christmas as much as possible. I'm really grateful that for once, my hubby did what we've been talking about and had a small portion of each paycheck put into savings this year so that we actually have a small fund for Cmas purchases already set aside. I'm also grateful that my kids don't have a huge sense of entitlement. That helps.

So what's on your mind today? Write it down, make a list, or blog about it. If you blog about it, leave a comment and a link so we can all support each other.

Tell us what you know today.


Hannah said...

Food storage and preparedness have been on my mind a lot lately, too. That's great that you pick up a few extra items each time you visit the store - I try to do the same.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Hannah @

Bridgett said...

I am glad I read this post. Great thoughts and how fun that you wrote them down to share and inspire. They certainly have me thinking about doing more of the same. Thank you!