Friday, July 11, 2008

some promised pictures!

Me and SOY Elizabeth Kartchner. I actually recognized her husband first (he said it was a first). She was very gracious. It was very early (we woke up at 6am) so I'm not wearing any makeup. That's all my real skin. I think it looks pretty good for it's age!

Sunrise through a valley in the Wasatch Mountains. This is where the balloon lift for the Provo Freedom Festival took place.
I have more pictures of the balloons in my flickr account. You can see more there, as well as a whole lot of Yellowstone pictures.
My house is a jumble of stuff--my parents are moving and have given us a TON of things to sort through--so my blogging time will be short (but hopefully sweet!). I have more to share about Yellowstone (truly a wonderful, almost life-changing {yes I know that's corny} experience), more papercrafting projects to share, and more thoughts on life!
Enjoy these small tidbits for now.


Heather said...

How exciting to run into Elizabeth K. I'm going to check out your Yellowstone pictures too. I was there about 7 years ago, before I went digital, and they are all in a box somewhere waiting to be scrapped!

Krissynae said...

Beautiful Sunrise.