Saturday, July 12, 2008

File this under Surprising Animal Pictures

Or maybe, file under "Inappropriate Animal Pictures." We caught this picture on our first trip through Yellowstone. This big guy was blocking traffic. I was thrilled that he stopped when we passed by him, (he was on the left/driver's side of our car and I was in the passenger side). Then we smelled why he was stopped. Um, Yeah, that was part of the nitty gritty real Yellowstone experience.

Sort of reminds me of some slides my Dad took of the Ostriches during one of my childhood visits to the Wilhelma Zoo in Germany. (I didn't get it until later). Let's just say that the Ostriches were getting very friendly with each other. I'm just carrying on the proud (?) Reese tradition of Inappropriate Animal Pictures. Just doin' my part to keep it real, people.

And for what it's worth, I LOVED the Wilhelma Zoo. I was 5 when we first started going there. To me, it was a magical place. I'd love to go there again.


ChristyLove said...

Took a minute to realize why it was inappropriate!

Satina said...

HAHAHAHA! That's funny! Loved the posts, sounds like a very fun trip had by all. Glad you're back safe! It wasn't the same with out your guys! Love you!