Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yellowstone National Park

My mother let me know that I should have put in my previous post that C is now constantly asking for a "broken" shirt just like Indy's. Time to head to my favorite Salvation Army store to see what I can find!
We are getting ready to go on a big trip to Utah with a segueway to Yellowstone National Park on the way home. Any must sees in the Park? I know we are planning to see Old Faithful, and try to see some of the fauna of the area, but anyone out there with kids, who've been to Yellowstone, let me know if there are things I need to make sure we see in the two days we've planned to stop there.

And since no post is complete without a picture, here is a gratuitous shot for you. Taken during our recent trip to the Oregon Zoo. In case you can't tell, H is running for his life. He's reinacting C's reaction to this particular exhibit. C's was genuine; I just didn't have the camera ready to catch the shot.


c.finlayson said...

Hi Diane, Don't miss Dinosaur National Monument in NE Utah. It was a hit with our kids when young, and all three would go back in a heartbeat (they're 24-31 yrs. old now.)

Heather said...

Love that photo! So funny. The last time I was in Yellowstone we didn't have any children so we did the entire big loop and saw everything! There are so many neat geological phenomenas in there that it's hard to pick. My one word of advice, if you see the buffalo, just stay in your car!