Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tamron 28-300 with Vibration Compensation

My sweet DH bought me a new lens. It was something we'd been researching for about a year now. We (I, since I am the principal user--he's really the money man who'll enjoy the pictures) decided on the new Tamron lens for a couple of reasons--it had the zoom I wanted, as well as the macro I wanted. It seemed to take the place of the two lenses I'd been looking at. I also liked the idea of "vibration compensation." It arrived Thursday from Adorama Camera (who we chose to purchase from because B&H Photo was not accepting orders when we wanted to order and I've had successful dealings in the past from Adorama) and I got to play with it a bit yesterday evening. It should be said that I now have to pay my daughter $5 an hour to let me take pictures. Highway Robbery! (but at least it gets me the practice I need)
I used Picnik on this for post-processing. I just realized my printer is out of ink, so I need to make an emergency run to Staples or Costco so I can print out my handout for my class today. Usually my sweet hubby takes care of the emergency runs for stuff for me, but he's camping today with H. Off I go--more pictures later!

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