Thursday, April 3, 2008

ALBM Typography file and some hints

I've made a pdf file of the typography I used for my chapter headings. You can download it here: ALBM Typography

I printed mine out on Bazzill Orange Peel cardstock. You can use anything that matches your patterned paper. Also I inked the edges of my chapter headings once they were cut out of the cardstock. You can use any stamp pad you like--but take care if you use a Chalk Ink pad; the cardstock can tear chunks out of the pad itself. Black is an all-around good choice. As in decorating, everything in papercrafting can benefit from a touch of black.

Now, a word about your covers. We aren't wrapping the paper around the chipboard. Part of my design process was leaving things in a natural, organic state, with lots of textures (hence my use of velvet and flocked papers). To cover up the raw chipboard, I inked those edges as well. Also, you'll need to cut the outer inch of your cover paper (the inch with the holes) and glue that on separately. This will allow your covers to bend as you open the book. Bendy covers are important! Otherwise they don't open. You can see in the picture that I cut the WRONG end off the back cover of my book. That just helps me illustrate my point better. And no one even noticed.

I hope you are enjoying this project! I can set up a flickr group to post pictures of the finished project if you like, or you can use free galleries such as 2peas or Scrapjazz to post your book. I'd love to see it!

(now don't panic, you aren't expected to be done. I haven't even told you how to put the middle pages together yet. I just wanted you to think ahead to how you are going to show us all your wonderful books!)
If you have problems with the typography pdf, please email me at DianneKNelson at yahoo dot com.



:: gingerkitty :: said...

Nice idea. Love your drawing and everything thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day.



Lida said...

I can´t download the file, it says Not found :( already cutting my papers and all