Wednesday, April 2, 2008

ALBM next steps

Cut your paper into 6x8 pieces. Cut your chipboard (for the covers) into 6x8 pieces. If you want to, punch holes about an inch and a half in from each outer side (I'll have pictures tomorrow for this, I promise!) You'll have a one inch "gutter" on the edge that you punched the holes on; this makes the actual space you can put pictures and the like 6x7 inches. Use your bone folder and score the fold. You'll need 9 pieces of double sided paper. Twice that number if you are gluing your papers together so that the pretty sides shows. You may want to cut some 1x6 inch spacers (and hole punch them) just in case you need them so your pages don't splay when you bind the book. You'll need 4 pieces for the covers of the book (outside front, inside front, outside back and inside back)

This is probably very confusing with out the pictures. Just trust me. I'll get the pics tomorrow (Thursday) morning for you and it will all be crystal clear!

Keep up the good work!


Lida said...

Okidokie I´ll start doing this tomorrow still gathering my pics and stuff so I think I´m still good. Can´t wait to get started

sa_homespun said...

Awesome... looks like this could be lots of fun.. cant wait to see whats next !