Monday, April 21, 2008

ALBM--Two More Pages

This page is pretty self-explanatory. Write about the people important to you. Cut out the graphic from your Typography pdf, ink the edges, and journal. You are "good-to-go" at this point.
This page is about your modes of transportation. Have fun! (I chose to write about my time as a College Co-Ed "Scooter Chick." It was a time I have fond memories of. TIP: The other side of this page (if you are using single sheets of double-sided papers) will have a brad going through it. You might want to wait until you have the brad in place before you put your picture down, so you can cover it up with a small cardstock circle or your picture or your journaling about your modes of transportation, or whatever you are writing about.
Keep it up! We're in the home stretch! Does anyone have pics of their book to share? (I've seen some of Lida's book). I'd love to see them if you do. Leave a comment and a link!

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Lida said...

I´m almost there need to finish my 5 little words and then I´ll head to that! This little book is super cool I´m loving it!