Saturday, February 27, 2010

Albany Visitor's Association Photography Contest

These would have been my entries in the Albany Visitor's Association Photography Contest if I had managed my time better...
Let me know if you want to buy any prints...just leave me a comment!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Forty before Forty update

Random "Googie" architechture business sign. I have a soft spot for Googie architechture and try to snap a picture of signs as I see one

Remember this:

Forty before Forty

If Blogger would let me cut and paste, I'd have written an update by it is, I have to rewrite the entire list (unless someone knows how to over-ride the lack of pasting in Blogger???)

I can tell you that with 2 months to go, I've accomplished 16 of them and have several more in process...some aren't going to happen, and that's okay. In this case, it may be more about the journey than the destination.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Look Mom! I finished the curtains!

Our dining area used to look like this:

taken during one of our birthday celebrations--I think this was H's bday a few years ago
Now, only about 4 (5 maybe?) years after finishing the first set of green curtains, it looks like this:
The saleslady at JoAnn Fabrics was QUITE surprised when I excitedly and confidently asked for 22 yards of this luscious green fabric. It IS bright, but I love it. I mean I LOVE it! It is a heavier weight fabric, smooth, silky and a little bit shiny. Seems VERY luxurious. I knew it would be the perfect counterpoint to my favorite periwinkle purple-blue walls. I think it's pretty stunning! I knew that the color would perfectly match this vase:
I bought this vase at the Portland Saturday Market about 13 years ago while visiting my Mother. Love going shopping with my Mom! I had the glassmaker, a young kid in his early twenties, sign the bottom of it. I was quite taken with his work (and I should see if he's still around and get more of it!) I love his whole booth, and would have bought more if I could have. He was surprised that I wanted his signature. To me, his work was Art, and deserved a signature! It's definitely one of my favorite pieces.
I pulled out these four remaining panels and had a moment of panic when I realized that I didn't remember my measurements for the curtains I made so long ago. Luckily, when I originally cut out the panels for these curtains, I cut them all at once. I was so grateful for that! (and felt that I was pretty smart for doing that--it made them very easy to put together after all this time)
I love sewing, even though I don't seem to have the time to sew very often. I'm grateful my mother taught me, even though at the time I think it frustrated both of us! But sewing means that we've never had bare windows, my kids have always had shorts to wear, and when my daughter was little, she had super cute leggings and jumpers and other dresses. I've whipped up costumes for backyard plays, tote bags to corral toys and little boy gear, aprons, Halloween costumes, and Christmas presents. I'm going to be teaching all of my children to sew, if only a little bit. (I feel it's a life skill of sorts) I hope my daughter learns to love sewing. I think that it will open up worlds of creativity for her and allow her to dress in a way that expresses her individuality but still keeps her modest. I think that sewing opens doors. I also think that sewing connects us to our past--especially when it connects generations. My mother-in-law has also spent time sewing with my daughter--so this connection is on both sides of our family.
What are your connections? Have you felt that crafts connect you with your friends, your children, your in-laws, your past? Leave a comment and let me know!