Thursday, February 25, 2010

Forty before Forty update

Random "Googie" architechture business sign. I have a soft spot for Googie architechture and try to snap a picture of signs as I see one

Remember this:

Forty before Forty

If Blogger would let me cut and paste, I'd have written an update by it is, I have to rewrite the entire list (unless someone knows how to over-ride the lack of pasting in Blogger???)

I can tell you that with 2 months to go, I've accomplished 16 of them and have several more in process...some aren't going to happen, and that's okay. In this case, it may be more about the journey than the destination.


Janet said...

What about copy, and paste. I've done that before. I've never cut and paste though. I agree with you about the journey. I think it really means something to set and accomplish goals for ourselves, however long it takes us. As long as we keep doing it-that's what matters. Keep up the good work!!

Dianne K. Nelson said...

Copy and paste is what I meant. I can't copy from a word document and paste into the body of my blog post and I don't know why.

It's aggravating!

Krystal said...

40/40 update, 2-25-10Share
Today at 8:37am
forty before forty
1. sing karaoke--DONE
2. go to a movie all by myself
3. go away for a short weekend trip all by myself
4. run a 5k—walked one on my own before my plantar fasciitis acted up
5. participate in a “relay for life” or walk for some other cause
6. lose 40 pounds—lost 20 so far!
7. work to join a professional level choir—did audition for a local community theater musical, so I’m counting that instead…
8. create the habit of exercising daily--DONE/IN PROCESS (isn't it always?)
9. read five non-fiction books—DONE! Sunday at Tiffany, The Little Lucky, Bird by Bird, 2 of Jen Lancaster’s memoirs, Peaks and Valleys, Taking Flight, (and I think there was more there, but I can't remember the titles right now. I'm reading a great non-fic book right at this moment I should finish by next week)
10. finish the rough draft of my novel—with two months to go, I don’t think this will happen
11. reorganize my craft space and purge at least a third of my stash—in process
12. enter my photography into a local contest—in process
13. explore the local photography group and attend one meeting—meetings are the same time as the ACT YouThespian rehearsals that I am committed to attending, so this won’t happen until after my deadline
14. visit the Oregon coast at least 5 times—gone 4 times!
15. have regular one-on-one “dates” with each of my children (I’m thinking quarterly at least)—had 2 dates w/each so far…should be able to get one more in before the deadline…
16. put more things in my etsy shop
17. create the London scrapbook I was supposed to give my SIL for Christmas of 2008--DONE!
18. purge my closet and only wear clothes that make me look good and feel happy and are in good repair
19. keep my desk clean for a week
20. make time for being spiritually fed on a daily or at least weekly basis (read my scriptures regularly)--DONE
21. color my hair again just for fun—I’ll do this after I get it cut for Locks of Love
22. get a pedicure (for the first time!)
23. go on a photo-taking walk around my house (Nebergall Loop)--DONE
24. go without processed sugary foods for a week--DONE
25. go without caffeinated sodas for a week--DONE
26. walk 10,000 steps in one day--DONE
27. donate my hair to locks of love¬—I’ll be doing this right at the end. My hair so long now that it’s making me crazy!
28. get all of my health check-ups up to date--DONE
29. revamp my living room--DONE
30. sew something for each of my children
31. go on a short outdoor hike
32. get all excess clutter out of my bedroom—make it a sanctuary
33. see one tourist site in Oregon I’ve never visited in the 20+ years I’ve lived here--DONE
34. learn to play 20 new hymns from the hymnbook on the piano—I’ve PLAYED the piano more, does that count?
35. take one personal enrichment class through the local parks & rec or community college
36. write a new poem
37. finish the “no ordinary stories” coffee table book that’s floating around in my head—well, this hasn’t happened yet, might still be further along in the next two months, but at least I’ve written out a rough draft of sorts…
38. get a professional massage
39. go see a live play or musical, performed at least on the community theater level (no middle or high school performances)--DONE
40. watch the sun set into the Pacific Ocean--DONE