Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thursday-- A Week in the Life

Homework waiting to be worked on in the morning

the breakfast of champions?
baking frozen cookie dough balls for lunches

Looking in the fridge for breakfast
Pouting because he wants cookies for breakfast and I won't let him.
all ready for school!

walking to the bus stop
driving the daughter to school (she went late)

going to lunch w/my cute hubby!
Happy mail from my mom.
Eye doctor--regular checkup. Only one eye dialated.
something pretty spotted on the way home. I'm sure my neighbors think I'm weird for stopping my car to take pictures of their flowers. I don't care.
...gets you pretty far. YouThespian rehearsal (after a trip to Costco and a 45 min sewing session to bust out a costume for "Interplanet Janet.)
"I'm just a Bill" (and daughter J is in the purple shirt and hat forming part of the capital rotunda)
Conjunction Junction, What's your Function?
Lovely Lady Libery and her great American Melting Pot
Elbow Room--up on the Moon!
"Mars is Red..and Jupiter's Big" (this is the start of the costume I sewed today)

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Satina said...

I like this post. I may copy the idea sometime. The pictures bring us into YOUR life from your view. Love it!