Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Things I Know Today: 4-27-10

1. Korean children work very hard on their studies and their schoolwork.
2. I will be glad when the show (Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr. at the Albany Civic Theater) is finished.
3. I will be sad when the show is finished because I have been lucky to work with a fantastic group of women (and one great Dad) as we put this show on. I will miss hanging out with them--it will be somewhat of a letdown. Luckily, we can plan lunch dates!
4. I will be sad when the show is finished because there is a great energy that surrounds 57 talented kids working together to put on the show and that is nice to be around.
5. Today will be a long day. I'm working three jobs today. More on that later.
6. I'm ready for the sun to stick around for a little bit.
7. Caffeine in the morning really does give you a kick-start. I don't usually imbibe, but my sweetie surprised me with my favorite soda mix this morning, and I am enjoying it.
8. I'm turning 40 on Friday. And I'm okay with that.
9. The Cowboys, Jet and Cord should TOTALLY win The Amazing Race.
10. I'm not going to finish my 40/40 list before my birthday and I think I'm okay with that as well. I learned a lot about myself, and am already thinking of a list to guide and shape my next year.


Allanna said...

Maybe the list should be retitled -- "40 Things to Do AS I Turn 40" ... It's an idea. ^_^

Satina said...

I like Allanna's idea. You have inspired me, I want to work on a list. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your landmark. Just think how many of those things wouldn't have been accomplished if you hadn't made your list!

Best wishes and hope you have many more. I'd be interested to see your 80 before 80 list.