Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Yesterday, she turned fourteen

And I'm not entirely sure I'm ready for this next phase of her life. She's my oldest, and I depend on her a lot. Sometimes more than I should. So far, we are navigating the murky waters of teenhood pretty well. I hope that continues. Something I DO know, is that she is amazing, and I'm proud of her all the time and glad she is mine.


Allanna said...

She is amazing.

And I wish you two the best of luck in braving the scary teenage years.

Hopefully she's be much better to you than I was to my mom. ^_^
(But, hey! At least my mom and I are pretty much best buds, after all's been said and done. ^_^)

jill said...

Happy 14th birthday!

My son turned 12 today...still can't believe he's 12!

Leroy said...

She's beautiful!! Happy Belated Birthday Joy! I'm proud to be your Aunt. Love, Janet