Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ring out Wild Bells~

Christmas all goes by in a blur, doesn't it...

Ah, December! I know it's not quite finished yet, but I've been thinking of a way to sum up the month. In December, we celebrate;
  • one birthday (daughter J)
  • two anniversaries (mine and my husband's parents)
  • one memorial moment--my Grandmother's birthday is also in December, and even though she's no longer with us, I like to take a moment and remember her on her birthday.

We also particpated in:

  • 4 Christmas concerts. One band concert for J, two stake Christmas Community Concerts, one special Sunday meeting. Sometimes there are elementary concerts, but the snow the last week of school changed that. J plays in two bands at her school--the Varsity band, and the "by appointment only" Jazz band.

And, of course, there is things to make! I made

  • dozens and dozens of Christmas cookies
  • several loaves of bread
  • cinnamon rolls for Christmas day breakfast
  • 4 pairs of pajama pants
  • 3 shopper totes
  • one new bracelet
  • one "Cute Skirt" for J.

There was more things to be made, but that was all I was successful at. I also got new glasses this month. Love them! Instead of a wireless, disappearing frame, I went with something a little more trendy.

My and my sweetie. A quickie pic taken today. We don't have many pictures together, and those we do are usually thanks to Joel's long arms. Here's to sixteen years together! Still going strong, and grateful for the good in our marriage. I'll post something schmoopy later.
One of my December Anniversary surprises was a new Flip Camera. This has been a fun tool to play with this month. And because of that, I can leave you with this gem--I call it "Boy with Cookie."
I hope your December is finishing up as delightful as mine is! Here's to another new year!

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Allanna said...

I wondered if the Flip camera was new! I noticed you filming at the Ward Christmas Party. ^_^

You're going to have to tell me how wonderful it is so I can be properly jealous. ^_^