Monday, November 17, 2008

Things I Know Today

Practicing "Ghost" images with H

  • There's nothing quite like a Snickers bar when you've got your crave on. (although the full-size bar is almost too big!)

  • In order to make life worth living, EVERYONE needs to be passionately inspired by something--whether it's a great conversation, a neat creative project, a good book, time to yourself, time with your kids, your job--everyone needs to be inspired by something to get the most out of life

  • I am SO VERY STOKED about a series of classes I am designing for next year at Stampin'Cat. Called "No Ordinary Stories," my plan is to have this be part journal prompt, part personal history, part mixed-media collage, part art journal, and part bookmaking. It's going to be an awesome ride!

  • A bright sunny day hovering at 70 degrees is the perfect antidote for gray, rainy, colder days.

  • When the day is bright and sunny, it's nice to have one great song after another come on the radio.


Thorsons said...

Hey Dianne, I've been thinking it is time to do some family pictures. I looked at your profile and loved your pictures of the Burtons. I realize we've missed a lot of the wonderful fall colors, but I would love to have fmaily pictures taken outside. Are you available? And what do you charge again? Thanks! Katie Thorson

jill said...

Great things I know list! did you do the ghost image?

Satina said...

That picture of H is cool...but kind of spooky!