Monday, October 5, 2009

I REALLY need to update this blog

But I must admit, I'm a bit stumped for inspiration right now. Any thoughts/requests on what to blog about? Leave me a comment with your two cents worth!


Jen said...

I started following your blog when you posted the ALBM album. I love to see what projects people are working on!

Janet said...

I just read a great post from a friend of mine at round tuit, (you can get to it from my blog). It just made me think and I will probably copy the idea in the near future. Check it out!

Allanna said...

I'm happy reading about whatever you're up to.

I know that you're always cooking up something yummy ... I think you said something on FB about a plum ... um ... cloutis?

But you know that I'm happy reading whatever you write. Btw, how's your novel coming?

jillconyers said...

How about just an update of what you've been up to? Any creating to share?