Sunday, May 3, 2009

Breathing Room

I've missed posting, I really have. One of the goals I had for myself about a month ago was to find a way to include some good things in my life and limit some other things. That meant computer time was limited. I'm on the computer A LOT for my much so that I wasn't making time for other good things---like laundry (not really a good thing, but BAD if you have no clothes!) or cleaning, or exercise--something I really need.
I find that I just need some breathing room. I'm pretty happy with how exercise is falling into place--and even though this week was haphazard and all over the place, my house was getting cleaner--which makes me happy and less stressed.

My birthday was great! I've done my usual self-portrait--but I'm finding that I need a longer arm! They are starting to look the same to me. I've had some time with the boys, but not yet with J. I'll post soon--plus I'm making a list of 40 things to do before I'm 40! One of the first was to sing karaoke--it's hard to believe that I can sing in 5 languages but I've NEVER sang karaoke! We went to a family pizza place for my birthday with that as my goal--and I sang not once, but twice! I predict at least one more stop there this year. Anyway, I have some goals and plans and want to make my little corner of the 'net a great place for you to visit this next year (from birthday to birthday that is...) Stick around! It'll get better.

In the meantime, What do you do for breathing room? I'd love to read your comments!~


jillconyers said...

First, I need longer arms too LOL

I recently had to make changes re time and sadly it was mainly because of the time I spent on the computer. It's just so easy to get sucked in.

For breathing room? Every so often I re-prioritize my time. It's like a breath of fresh air when I do this.

Rockester said...

I sit on my three season porch and just look out the window at the birds and rabbits in the yard and the flowers. I like gardening so sometimes I putter a bit there too but not if the bugs are out or it is too hot! :) In winter out here in MN, I read to get away from it all!

Satina said...

I like to stop and just "be". Be still with a good book, Be young playing on the floor with my kids, be loving cuddling on the couch with my husband, be content with what I have. I also love taking walks or runs. Being outside helps me to breath! This was a nice thought provoking question. Thank you! Oh, and now I also like to draw...again!