Monday, August 11, 2008

Scrapbook Quickie and a Prize!

Jill, one of my loyal readers, nominated my blog for a "Brilliante" Award. I'm touched an honored! Thanks Jill!

Jill is a wonderful scrapbooker, a "busy mom" like me, and an inspiring runner. She was recently chosen for the Chatterbox design team. Go read her blog and get inspired! I know I am on a regular basis.

The rules for the "Brilliante Weblog" award are:
The winner can put the logo on his/her blog.
Link to the person you received your award from.
Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
Put links to those blogs on yours.
Leave a message on the blogs of the people you have nominated.

So, who to nominate....Well, I'm often inspired and uplifted by Amber (just click on her wedding post tag to see some of her wonderful craftiness!) so she's my first one. Then I have to go for my comrades-in-blogging--Allanna and Satina. It's nice to have friends IRL (in real life) that enjoy blogging as much as I do--or like Satina--willing to come along for the ride! That leaves four more...I'm going to have to pull the family card and nominate some of Joel's blogging cousins...and some friends who's blogs I've been stalking, (but they don't know I found 'em--yep, that's me, internet blog stalker...) Anyway, here's my complete list

  1. Amber Lee, of the Ribbon Jar
  2. Allanna
  3. Satina
  4. Sara (man she inspires me!)
  5. Lisa
  6. Anna Really, I wanted to choose all the Rampton cousins 'cause they are all so wonderful, so follow her links to the rest of 'em!
  7. and finally, 'cause he's a bit quirky, and probably my only blogging relative, my cousin Brent.

And now for the Scrapbook Quickie!

One of the things I want to do on a regular basis is inspire you with quick, easy-to-do pages. Here goes my first idea! First step: clear some space on your desk. Don't worry about what's on it--just push stuff aside so you can dive in!

Next--grab 3 pictures, one sheet of cardstock, some alpha stickers, and some scraps. I pulled colors from the colors in my picture. The blue of the cardstock from the walls of the Bubble Room, the green from H's shirt, red & yellow (going with the color wheel here--red, yellow and blue are primary colors so are destined to look good together) with splashes of white just for fun. Orange is the opposite of blue on the color wheel (meaning complementary colors) so might also work as a splash of color.

We are going to be arranging our pictures linearly across the page. I only need bits and pieces of the other colors to make this work. I cropped two of my pics just a little bit, so they were smaller than the picture I chose for my focal point--it's going on the big piece of yellow, to help set it off and make it more important. I decided against the orange and just went with red/yellow/blue with the green and white. I overlapped everything just a bit to keep the eye moving across the layout.
Add the pictures, the letter stickers (for the title) and some journaling and you are done! Voila! This took about twenty minutes to put together, tops. Some things to think about--I used my own handwriting because it was faster than typing or stamping or anything else, I made sure to get the date in there, as well as labeling the pictures (the "who" of the layout). I continued to overlap things by making sure my letter stickers touched a bit of everything on the bottom of the layout.

That's all for now! Stay tuned for more quick pages. My goal is to have at least one a week.


amberlee said...

Awe thanks, you're so sweet :)

jill said...

Well deserved award :)

Love the idea of quick and easy and starting with a clean work space is a must! Looking forward to seeing more of your "quick" layouts.